Tekken 7 Director reveals New Fighter

January 05, 2015 - Eoxysgames Team
Tekken 7 Director reveals New Fighter

A Saudi Arabian contender by the name of Shaheen will be joining the Tekken 7 list, as per a tweet made not long ago by game chief Katsuhiro Harada. There's minimal other data to go on, however Harada additionally notes that Shaheen's configuration and name were "enlivened by outside student[s] from Arabic provinces and [the] Saudi government office."

In case you're concerned that negative response will keep Shaheen out of the West in the same way that the character Lucky Chloe was headed out, don't be; it just so happens Harada was clowning about that. Er, possibly. Because of Harada saying Lucky Chloe would be restrictive to EU and Asia areas and that he would make a musclebound skinhead for US players, a furious Twitter client turned out some unforgiving generalizations of the Japanese. Harada reacted with the accompanying: "Numerous spammers/haters assaulting us (That was a compelling bias and huge amounts of messy words. Obviously I detest this happen), then I said simply counter 'mockery/joke.'"

It's difficult to tell if Harada implies that he was just clowning about American generalizations or if the joke he's alluding to is Lucky Chloe's gathered area selectiveness (the dialect obstruction doesn't help). At the point when an alternate Twitter client called him a "senseless goose" and thanked him for discharging Lucky Chloe, Harada tweeted a winking smiley face with its tongue standing out. So ... yes?