Land Company Says GTA 6 Should Be Set In Portland, Oregon

January 08, 2015 - Eoxysgames Team
Land Company Says GTA 6 Should Be Set In Portland, Oregon

Movoto says Portland has the identity and interest (and 637 cafés) important for an incredible GTA game.

Land organization Movoto has a thought for where the following Grand Theft Auto ought to occur: Portland, Oregon. The organization says today in a blog entry that the city would be perfect for Grand Theft Auto VI and even made a counterfeit up guide that shows what the design could look like.

Movoto says Rockstar ought to consider Portland in light of its numerous firearm stores and strip clubs, which really dwarf those found in Grand Theft Auto V's anecdotal Los Santos. An alternate staple of GTA games is the police power. In this class, Los Santos has 12 twelve stations, contrasted with just six in Portland.

Notwithstanding, "of every last one of classes to be bring down, this is likely the one all of you think slightest about, right?," Movoto says.
An alternate convincing element for Portland is that it has a style all its own, Movoto says. In the event that you've even been there or viewed Portlandia, you'd likely concur.

"You require that neighborhood city smell," the organization expounds on Portland. "That exceptional flavor that makes every GTA a tad bit better and somewhat more unique than the last. For Portland, we felt it was quite fitting to incorporate bicycle shops and cafés (we just about included sweater shops, yet that appeared a step too far)."

In the event that Rockstar picked Portland for GTA IV, it would have the chance to caricaturize the trendy person scene, as well, Movoto says, as the city has a staggering 637 coffee houses inside its breaking points.
"Each one of those coffeehouses are simply sitting tight for some neighborhood drug kingpin to come take them over and use them as a front for a blue-colored meth operation," Movoto says.

GTA V has sold more than 30 million duplicates, fundamentally guaranteeing a spin-off is made. While Rockstar has not yet reported such an game, it has said that it has "a few thoughts" for what it could do with GTA VI.

We have contacted Rockstar to check whether they have any remark on Movoto's proposal that the following GTA ought to be set in Portland.
Past GTA games have been set in innovative adjustments of spots like Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and London.